You only have 4 hours to click on the email and verify your account.

If you cannot find the email please check your spam or junk folder?

If the Stomp email is in your junk / spam folder please move the verification email to your inbox.

You must do this before you can click on the verification button/link.

All mailboxes are different so if a stomp radio email has gone to your junk spam folder you need to tag this email as not junk/spam.

You will not be able to click on the verification link whilst it is in your junk/spam folder.

At the bottom of your mobile screen there is the play arrow.

No,  you can listen to Stomp Radio without creating an account or logging in.

At the bottom of your screen there is the play arrow.

Yes, if you are not logged in you will only be able to view comments in the chat box.

You need to click on the “Listen” button at the bottom of the screen.  Here you can play / pause the sound.

Any registration queries ONLY please email

On the home page under the login form is “create account” button.  Please click on this and you will be redirected to the registration page.  Once you have registered you will need to activate your email BEFORE you can log in to the stomp website and use the chat box.

You have 4 hours to verify your account.

The email may be in your junk spam folder as it contains a link.

You will need to move the email to your inbox before you can click on the link.

There is a maximum size of 2mb for your profile picture.

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