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Taking You Around the World of Music

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The Fat Trick (3 songs based on a topic or artist 1 played in each hour)

Four After 4 (more music no chat)

Reggae Round Up – (3 Reggae tracks back to back to back)

Mummy’s Tunes (Old timers trackers)

As a presenter I have not been afraid to play what I want to play – within the parameters of it being based on the thread of soul and as a former Radio London Soul Night Out & Kiss 100FM Presenter/DJ – I bring a balanced amount of experience which is reflected in the SOUNDS OF FATNESS moniker!

When I play, I want people to just enjoy the music and not follow the crowd like sheep – playing outside of the box.

As a presenter I prefer talking over mixing which is a staple of what to expect when seeing me when I am playing out. I try ensure that I play an eclectic selection of Soul, Reggae, Slow, Old & Dance tunes all mixed in to take you around the world of a musical selection.

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